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You might not look too closely at your roofline, but it is important to ensure that all aspects of your roof are well-maintained to keep your home warm and dry.

A & G can repair and replace fascias, soffits and gutters throughout Nottingham, Derby and all surrounding areas, and have extensive experience of helping local home-owners to keep their rooflines in top condition. Investing in high quality roofline products can help to reduce the need for costly repairs in future. Our products are tough enough to withstand the elements and protect your home, but are also available in a range of colours and finishes to match the style of your property.


Fascias are designed to protect the ends of your rafters from the elements, and can also be provided in a style which matches your windows.


Our soffits will provide protection to your roof and keep the under-surface of the roof overhang looking neat and tidy.


Investing in guttering from A & G will help to protect your home from the elements by diverting rainwater away from your roof. Like all of our roofline products, our gutters are available in a range of colours to suit every home. We understand the importance of combating rather than concealing problems with your roofline, which is why we always replace damaged fascias, soffits and guttering where required. By investing in high quality roofline products from   A & G, you can avoid damage to your home or costly repairs in future.

Based in Nottingham

We provide guttering, fascias and soffits throughout Nottinghamshire and across the local region. If you want to enhance the look and performance of your roofline, contact Adrian today for a free home survey and quotation.