To Begin
Popadom & Chutney Tray

Ponir Pakoorah – Pieces of Cottage Cheese Butter Round & Deep Fried
Dohi Papdi Chatt – Potato and Chick Peas Served under a Layer of Homemade Yoghurt with Herbs & Spices
Boti Kebab – Minced Chicken with Tandoori Spices Cooked in Tandoori oven
Sheek Kebab – Spicy mincemeat grilled on a skewer
Shammi Kebab – Spicy mincemeat shaped like a burger
Chicken or Lamb Tikka – Chicken or Lamb marinated served with fried onions
Onion Bhajee – Onions fried in spicy batter
Vegetable Samosa – Spicy vegetables wrapped in pastry
Meat Samosa – Spiced minemeat wrapped in pastry

Main Course – Rice included
Mix Korai – Diced Chicken & Lamb Tikka cooked in a medium strength gravy, garnished with fried Tomatoes, Capsicum, Onion & Chickpeas
Murghi Makani – Chicken Kebab in an aromatic creamy sauce, with a touch of Yoghurt
Tandoori Butter Chicken – Spring Tandoori Chicken, Stripped off the bone, cooked with butter and almonds in a rich spicy sauce
Shansha Balti – Chicken Breast cooked with Chickpeas, fresh garlic and ginger
Vegetables treated together with pilau rice and aromantic spices served with vegetable curry
Chicken Biryani – Pilau Rice treated together with Chicken in butter with mild spices served with vegetable curry

A Choice of Chicken – Lamb – Prawn – Vegetable
Korma – Mild sweet dish cooked with coconut & cream
Bhuna – Medium slightly thick and spicy dish
Rogan Josh – Medium dish cooked with extra tomatoes
Dupiaza – Medium dish cooked with extra fried onions
Pathia – Hot sweet and sour cooked with coconut flour
Dansak – Hot sweet and sour cooked with lentil and pineapple
Balti – Medium spicy dish cooked with specially prepared Balti paste
Madras – Fairly Hot
Vindaloo – Very Hot

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka £1.00 extra
Masalla – Mild dish cooked with specially made sauce containing tandoori paste, ground almonds and fresh cream
Pasanda – Mild dish cooked with specially almonds, yoghurt and fresh cream
Pathoni Mild dish cooked with cream and pistachio nuts
Gosht Bhujon – Medium dish cooked with fried onion, capsicum, coriander & tamarind sauce
Garlic Delight – Medium dish cooked with fried onion & extra garlic
Achari – Medium dish cooked with mango pickle
Jaipuri – Medium dish cooked with chilli pickle

Followed by Tea or Coffee