Grow Lush Plants With Expert Equipment In Warrington, Cheshire

Nurture the growth of your healthy plants with our highly effective hydroponics equipment. At B2B, in Warrington, Cheshire, we stock an extensive variety of equipment and growing media, including plant magnetic lighting.

Popular Lighting Kits

Fully equipped with SunMaster™ bulbs, our metal magnetic kits include a shade, ballast, and bulb, and are priced at £110. In addition, we stock LumiGrow™ light kits at 600 to 1000 watts, which are priced at £70. Our Growlush™ light kits begin at £65, and vary in price depending on the power required. Our SunMaster™ digital ballasts are available as a sole option, and are priced at £85.

The Perfect Shade

Achieve the ideal setup by browsing our shades, which range from cool to parabolic. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, you are sure to be impressed by our full range of SFL™ and SFL™ duel-spec lights. Additionally, we stock T5 and propagation PS1 lights, which are available in all sizes. You are also able to browse our full range of bulbs that are priced from £16, as well as:

Light Hangers – Rope Ratchets – Light Yo-Yos – Chains

Efficiently Control Pests

Get rid of unwanted creatures, such as spiders, with our effective pest control solutions. In addition, we stock smoke bombs, which are available at a fantastic price of £7. Our pest control options are available in all sizes, and include:

Mighty Wash™- SpidermiteControl™ – Trounce™ – Shield™

Commercial Units

Optimise your commercial units with top-quality products manufactured by GreenPower Contactors™. We stock sizes that range between two and eight way, and are priced between £85 and £120. In addition, we supply commercial units and Maxibright™ timers, as well as the following products:

Deep Clean Products- Lighting – Hailea™ Pumps – EasyGrow™ Aqua Valves

A Balanced Temperature

Nurture your plants by creating the perfect temperature while expertly controlling the humidity of the room. We stock Hygrow™ products, which you may adjust accordingly to maintain the correct temperature. In addition, we stock plant yo-yos, which aid the excess weight of branches. We also stock spray bottles that are available in sizes between 750ml and 8l, as well as:

Nets – EC Meters – PH Meters – Bluelab™ Truncheons

A Fresh Environment

Perfectly prune and snip your plants with our specialised trimming scissors. Specifically designed for trimming certain plants, our scissors are highly popular. We also stock TrimClean™, which is a spray that cleans your hands of any pathogens. In addition, we supply a full range of propagation and sundries, as well as a full range of grow technology that includes:

Liquid Oxygen™ – PH Up™ – PH Down™ – Buffers – Probe Cleaners