Nutrients for Healthy Plants In Warrington, Cheshire

Take pride in your healthy, thriving plants by feeding them important nutrients. At B2B, in Warrington, Cheshire, we stock an extensive variety ofbio-stimulants, including Dutch Pro™ nutrients and Advanced Nutrients™.

Feeding Your Flowers

Increase the growth and mass of your flowers and plants with Canna™ nutrients, which also enhance taste. We stock root stimulants and a full selection of the following well-known aids and products by reputable manufacturers, such as:

Blooms™ – Plagron™- Atami™ Blossom Builder – Atami™ Bloombastic

Our Extensive Range

Select nutrients that are perfectly suited to your plants by choosing an option from our extensive range. Not only do we stock the entire range of Dutch Pro™ products, but we also supply advanced nutrients with the perfect PH setting. In addition, we supply the following ranges:

Atami™ Ata – Atami™ B’ Cuzz Premium -VitaLink™ – Plant Magic™ – BioBizz™ – General Hydroponics™ – Ionic™

Equipment for Accuracy

Achieve the most accurate results and feed your plants the correct dosage with our handy measuring cups. In addition, we supply squeezable containers, and drums for larger plants.

Products for Healthy Roots

Attain the healthiest roots and root mass with Canna™ Rhizotonic. This popular product is available in the following options:

Size 250ml – One Litre – Five Litres Price £12 – £27 – £110

Nutritious Food Sources

Effectively combat bad enzymes, pathogens, and bad micro-bios with Canna™ Cannazym. Not only does this feed fight 12 different types of enzymes, but it also breaks down dead roots. In addition, it turns these into sugars and nutrients so the plant is able to use it as a food source. This is available as follows:

Size 250ml – One Litre – Five Litres Price £6 – £15 – £60

Encourage Floral Growth

Enhance your plants and promote the effective growth of flowers by using Canna™ PK13-14. As an effective stimulant, it enlarges buds and increases weight. This product is available in the following options:

Size 250ml – One Litre – Five Litres Price £5 – £10 – £40

Delight In Swift Deliveries

All our products are delivered locally within a 7-mile radius. Postal orders are available further afield, with the addition of a small postal charge.