State-Of-the-Art Hydroponic Systems In Warrington, Cheshire

Optimise the growth of your plants by creating a perfectly balanced growing environment. At B2B, in Warrington, Cheshire, we are a team of experts who supply top-quality hydroponic systems, and durable equipment, including plant pots and accessories.

Perfectly Styled Pots

Place your plants in the perfect pots and save money by placing bulk orders. Whether you are in search of round or square pots, you may choose from pots sized between 2 and 25 litres from our collection. When you order multi-buy items by the box, the price is significantly reduced per pot. Our round pots are priced between 60p at one litre, and £15 at 80 litres.

Long-Lasting Equipment

Delight in durable, long-lasting equipment by opting for our premium square pots. Superior to any standard pot, our premium pots are priced between 70p at one litre and £3.60 at 25 litres. In addition, we supply Garland™ trays and flexi-trays in a variety of sizes, which are priced between £7 and £30.

Reducing Excess Sodium

Reduce the buildup of sodium in plant media with our essential equipment. Placed beneath your plant pots, our trays are designed to hold the water and runoff. Available in sizes that range between 18 and 50cm, these are priced between 50p and £4.50. Our experts suggest giving a 10% runoff to reduce sodium buildup.

Full Growing Kits

Enhance your plants with top-quality dripper, flood, drain, and feeding systems. We supply an extensive range of AutoPot™ gear, including connectors, pipes, and water butts. As well as Wilma™ systems in all sizes, we stock complete ranges of the following equipment:

Flo Gro™ Kits – Bubble Box™ Kits – Oxy Pot™ DWC – Herb and Flood Systems – Amazon™ Systems – IWS™ Flood and Drain – IWS™ Deep Water Culture – IWS™ Deep Circulating Water Culture – NFT™ Sets

Fan Speed Controlling

Closely manage grow room temperatures with highly effective RAM fan controlling. Available with the popular application SMS Com at an additional price, our RAM fan controlling products are priced between £130 and £150. Additionally, we stock a full range of wall and floor coverings such as Mylar™ Floor Secure in black and white.

Simple Payment Methods

Easily obtain the equipment you need with our highly efficient payment methods. For your convenience, we are happy to take cards, and offer exchanges, replacements, and refunds. We supply a wide variety of systems manufactured by trustworthy brands, which applies to water systems of all levels. This includes aquaponics and Pebble™ equipment.