Engineered JJI-Joist

Boards Cottingham are the largest supplier and distributor of James Jones JJI-Joists in the North of England. Supplying everything required for projects from the JJI-Joists, Glulam, Flooring and Ironmongery.

Our success in been a leading supplier is a result of having in-house designers who use the latest in technology to design engineered joists for any project. We work closely with the customer throughout the process to completion onsite. We believe this personalised approach is the best, this is supported by the design, fabrication through to delivery all completed in-house. Providing advice and assistance throughout including an aftercare service.


JJI-Joists are an advancement in technology that has created an innovative alternative to conventional construction timber. The Joists we use are a structurally engineered timber joist, combining high-grade softwood with an engineered composite panel. For further information please see the Technical information manual.

We have a long term relationship with James Jones. Enabling us to have their continued support and expertise on the product and ensuring we have a wide range of JJI-Joist stock available. James Jones supply the highest quality products.
Advantages of JJI-Joists
The Joists composition resists shrinking and warping, an excellent strength to weight ratio, straight and uniform dimensions. – James Jones (2011).

Please see the attachment of just one of our recently completed projects.

Glulam Beams

Glue laminated timber or glulam consists of a number of strength timber laminations glued together. This results in a structural unit of great strength and dimensional stability. Glulam can be used in many structural applications such as beams, columns and purlins. Glulam is more sustainable than its steel or concrete beam alternative.