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Looking After Your Clothes

How to look after your clothes

Always ensure that a garment is cleaned / laundered before storing it away, you would be surprised at the number of items that get brought into us with stains that have set in over the course of several months in storage having been put away not clean. Drink stains particularly can appear to become invisible once they have dried onto a fabric, and over several months storage they can oxidise and become impossible to remove, so remember this motto “even if not seen, best keep it clean”.

• Lightweight knitted fabrics should be folded and stored flat, keeping them long term on hangers will cause them to lose shape.
• If laundering before storage, do not use chlorine bleaches or starch. These can discolour over time and lead to yellowing.
• Never store items in plastic or polythene – all garments need to be able to breathe.
• Do Not store onto wood, get an acid free paper to act as a barrier.
• Do not store items in a damp environment.
• If possible use an acid free storage box
• Do not store anything in direct sunlight as this will damage the dyes and the fabric.
• If storing items such as a leather of fur a cold but dry environment is best.
• Use a moth repellent for storing natural fabrics like wools, silks etc but do not allow it to be in contact with the fabric.
• The very best way to store trousers is in a padded clamp hanger and store them by the hems.
• If the item has pockets, pull them out so that the lining material can air.
• If storing hats, use acid free tissue paper scrunched up to act as a hat block and help it keep shape.
• If you want to store a fragile or precious item, come to us. We will give you the best advice at no charge or obligation on your part.