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Wedding Dress Heirlooming

The Perfect Solution to storing your Wedding Dress
The Wedding Dress Box combines the romance of a beautiful handmade box with a safe protective Ph neutral environment in which to store your dress and is approved by textile experts.

All the boxes are made by hand in the UK using the finest interior design papers and materials, to last a lifetime.
They are beautifully finished with ribbon to close and lace trim to the inside.

The Service we provide
At Bradley’s Quality Cleaning we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality cleaning and finishing for your wedding dress.

Your dress will be cleaned with the utmost care, often more than once to ensure that it is restored to the best condition after use.

Once cleaned your dress will be specialist hand finished. At this point in the process we recommend that you visit us to view your dress before it is boxed. Your dress is then carefully finished with acid free tissue paper folded into the layers, bust former to maintain the shape of the bodice and placed artistically into the box.

A scent card is added to maintain a lovely smell and the dress is presented to you ready for you to store for posterity.
There are other boxes available for hats, shoes, trinkets, bridesmaid dresses and anything else you can think of. Please call us for details of these.

The wedding dress box:
• Is made from specially milled pH neutral board, from recycled sources, that prevents ‘yellowing’ or discolouration of the dress fabric
• Is extremely sturdy, providing protection from light, dust & disaster which can fade, mark or ruin the dress
• Unlike plastic covering, allows for changes in humidity and for the fabrics to breathe
• Provides the best and most romantic way to preserve and store your dress