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Buying used tyres makes financial and environmental sense.

If you have bought a used car you will have probably bought used tyres.

Here at Easy Fix Tyres we have the best quality used tyres for a fraction of the cost of new.

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Before a tyre is added to our inventory, we carefully check for any damage, measure the tread to ensure we stock only good quality tyres. All tyres have a minimum tread depth of 4mm and most have more, a new tyre normally has 8mm of tread. Most of our tyres are popular brands, our prices are normally around a quarter the price of a branded and around half the price of a budget tyre.

We Fit New Valves With Every Tyre. The valve is a small but very important part of your vehicle as far as safety and tyre life is concerned. It holds the pressure inside the tyre assembly and is the access point to adjust your tyre pressure.


Valves are made from a rubber compound that deteriorates with age and use, they are relatively inexpensive yet vital to the performance of tyres and your safety.

Manufacturers recommend valve replacement every time a tyre is changed.

We Balance Every Wheel.

Wheels that are not balanced or are out of balance generally produce a vibration that is uncomfortable when driving and results in premature wearing of suspension, steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

A driver may not always sense an imbalance at the steering wheel, it could be present but dampened by the vehicles weight. This is why balancing is equally important for both front and rear wheels.

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