Wow what an opportunity we now have to not only do our bit for the earth, but to save ourselves some money at the same time. Interested? Then read on…

I, like most hard working family men, am frustrated by the forever increasing fuel prices surrounding our everyday lives. From heating the house too cooking the tea and taking the children to school we are forever asked to dip deeper into our pockets to pay for the fuel which is controlled by the big fat cats of society.

Not only are we made to feel guilty for killing the planet we all cherish, we have to pay through the roof to do so…

I really believe we now have a chance to do more than our bit, to no only lessen our carbon footprint but to also save a massive percentage of our vehicle fuel costs.

Whilst at a family get together me and a few likeminded, frustrated friends got chatting about the rising costs of our day to day lives. As we were putting the world to rights my dear friend Paul, who is a lecturer in engineering, said something to us that will forever stick in my mind.

“On the way to work every morning I drive past the petrol station with a big smile on my face”…

Well as a business owner with several diesel guzzling vans in use I was hooked on what he had to say next, how could he drive past a petrol station with a big smile on his face instead of being in a queue with me and the rest of the population, paying over the odds for fuel we are made to feel guilty for using?

Well Paul went on to explain that he had implemented a hydrogen system to his 10 year old Saab that not only provided 0% emissions but cut his diesel bill from £100 a week down to an impressive £25 a week, with improved output of his engine by a massive 60%.

He went on to explain to us mere mortals, as we were sitting there gobsmacked with open mouths, that his 2 litre Saab had never run as good as it did right now, and that the system was actually cleaning his engine as it drove, using distilled water to power his forever improving vehicle.

I was and still am amazed by his claims. I needed to see this for myself.

With Paul being a dear friend of mine it didn’t take me long to talk him into fitting a kit to one of my fuel guzzling vans and the results are outstanding.

The 2.5 litre Ford Transit had an MOT approaching and because the van had over 150,000 miles on the clock this was always going to be a nerve racking experience, due to the age and condition of the vehicle I was expecting a large bill to put things right.

How wrong could I have been, the system had been operating for around 5,000 miles before the before mentioned MOT. But to my astonishment the engine had never been in such good condition, with 0% emissions I was over the moon, not to mention the fuel bill which had been cut by a massive 60%.

I was quickly on the phone to Paul to tell him the good news and boy does it feel nice to drive past the petrol station with a big smile on my face.

We have now devised a few packages that fit all vehicles, from 1 litre petrol cars up to diesel thirsty commercial vehicles.

I can hand on heart declare that I am over the moon with the results and only wish I had improved all my vehicles earlier.

We now offer clean, green, smart packages to all vehicles and are sure you will also enjoy driving past the petrol station with a big smile on your face…

  • We will install and service your system to maximise your savings
  • Why pay congestion charges
  • Why pay higher tax
  • Fully qualified technicians
  • Old & new cars, big or small
  • Heavy duty systems for heavy duty vehicles