About Us

Hy-Drive Engines are based in Derby and amend car engines to make them greener for the environment, as they run on mainly water. We believe that we need to be able to preserve the environment for future generations and, with our innovative work, we intend to help this.

If you are spending a lot of money on fuel every month, this economic option is for you. With the amendment to your engine, your car will be more fuel efficient as the car will mainly need for only the start of the engine. Our feat of engineering, works best with those that make longer journeys on a regular basis.

We are encourage car owners to come to us as many online kits can damage engines and have an effect of the warrante, should they be fitted wrong. We will fit our devices as quickly and efficiently whilst not cutting corners on the quality of workmanship. Contact us today for helpful advice today and see how we can help you, help the environment.