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A sleepy place ? Welcome to Water Hall Lodge Cattery, offering a quiet and relaxing environment for your feline friends.

We understand that boarding your cat can be a stressful time and encourage any owners to inspect our Cattery before making a booking. Just make an appointment to visit us and we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions that you may have.

To help your cat(s) adapt to a new environment we encourage owners to bring their pets favourite bedding or toys so that your cat will feel more at home and relaxed.

There are various cat menus on offer too. We endeavour to make your cats stay with us as pleasant as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Cattery is fully licensed with the local council and has approval from independent veterinary practitioners.

Benefits of boarding your cats at Waterhall Lodge Cattery include;

  • Individual apartments comprising a private bed area with a door opening into a run area.
  • Shelving and ramps for exercise
  • Beds are provided, but owners may bring their pets own bedding and toys
  • All beds are heated
  • Open 363 days a year
  • Bookings can only be accepted by appointment.
  • Discounts available for multiple bookings.
  • If your cat is receiving medication on their stay we can administer the medication to your cats. IE insulin for diabetic cats.
  • If required, accommodation for quarantine cats can be arranged, i.e.; if your cat is allergic to vaccinations.

Prices for boarding are as follows
One Cat – £7.80 per day Two Cats – £14.00 per day.


WE also offer a Crèche for cats, this is open all year around, 7 days a week, from 7.30am -7.30pm. £20 for the day. Ideal as a trial run before kennelling your cat, or if you have an unexpected appointment that will take you away from home for the day.

We hope your cat or cats will enjoy their stay with us