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Gun Dog Training


One hour per week for 8 weeks

For those of you looking to train your dog that is looking to go into the gun dog world. We offer extensive training to ensure your dog is ready and reliable before venturing in into the gundog field. Our training schedule for our Gun Dog Training programme includes.

  • Obediance
  • Whistle training
  • Dummy work
  • Waterwork
  • And over the gun.

All of the above training programmes are available at £25 per hour

We also offer a rabbit pen work as a separate training programme that is available at £40 per hour.

The above course involves attending a 1-hour course, once a week for a 8-week term. For those interested in a more intensive training regime we offer a 2-week solid course that includes full board for your dog at a cost of £240 – you are of course welcome to visit your dog over that period of time.

Alternatively ……

3 Day Intensive Course.
For those looking for a shorter training schedule. We now offer our 3-Day Intensive Gun Dog Training Course. We are pleased to offer a 3-day stay to both owner and dog, which includes bed, breakfast and evening meal for both Owner and Dog – plus your training and accommodation for just £200.